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My name is Pantera.

Pantera is Spanish for “panther” and like my feline namesake, I am an exotic and graceful creature renowned for my mystery, intellect, daring, and amorous agility. When you’re with me, your heart will race and your senses will awaken as you are reborn into my sensuous world of impassioned romance and raw, fleshly pleasure.

Shapely and fit with deep smoldering eyes, satin-like skin, and luxurious black hair, I am built for seduction. I adore being kissed passionately while your hands explore every curve of my body.

An indulgence at its finest, I am a perfect fit for the hedonistic man or lady. Whatever you yearn for, I can bring to life. I enjoy personalizing the experience to your unique tastes and needs, knowing no two people will want the same. You will leave my bedroom utterly and thoroughly satiated because I allow no desire to go unfulfilled.

I am eager to hear the scenarios that play out in your mind so we can have all of your raunchiest thoughts come to life. I have a playful and curious attitude toward the bedroom and want to figure out exactly what makes you tick — what stroke, touch, or motion will have you begging me for more. I pride myself on providing a quality service, ensuring that my lover is enjoying my company and having a fantastic time.

Discover for yourself the exotic wonders of this matchless and magical Pantera. 💋


Height: 5’6
Build: Hourglass
Ethnicity: Filipino & French


The Girlfriend Experience, Couples,

Kink/Fetish, Outdates/Overnights

Available to Men, Women, and Couples

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